Our beautiful little library is simply too small to adequately serve a growing and changing Bella Vista.

Why do we need to expand?

1. Our library serves a population of more the 27,000 in a city that is still growing. When our current library was built, Bella Vista was home to only 8,000 people. It has now more than tripled.

2. New groups of people need our library

a. Parents and children — Bella Vista now has an elementary school, with more schools planned. We have many children in our neighborhoods. Our library has a whole new group of people to serve —parents and children.

b. Working couples and families — Bella Vista is no longer just a retirement community. Our larger population has more people who are still working and not ready to retire.

3. Our retirees want more services. They are asking for more technology such as ereaders, computers, and the Internet. They are very busy studying, learning, and enjoying their lives. Many of them built this library and love it, but they want more services. That takes space.

4. Our library has always been her to serve the community.

a. Technology has changed. People want libraries to offer computers, Internet service, wifi, and other electronics. They want to look for jobs, write resumes, study what kind of car insurance to buy, stay in touch with friends and families using email, and learn more about their world, both locally and globally. More technology requires more space.

b. Our library offers community programs, book clubs, crafts for young and hold. Before we can offer any program, we have to ask ourselves “Will we have enough room?”. More often than we would like we have to ask people to sign up ahead of time for a program because we have such limited space.

c. Our library users often come to the library for quiet reading or study. They sometimes have to leave because we are hosting a chidlren’s craft program, a book club discussion, or another community program and it gets too noisy for them to read in peace. We have no space to offer a quiet reading and study area.

d. Most of all, our readers want more books. And yet we have space to add new books until we remove an older book—one that some people may also want to read. We need more shelves for books.

We want to expand the current library. We want to add space to serve you better. We want our library to continue to be a true community center, the brains and heart of Bella Vista.

Your donation is tax deductible. Come to the library to see the architect’s model of our planned expansion.

To Donate:

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Or, send your check to:
Bella Vista Public Library Foundation
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