August 30, 2018
No Categories Designated Quiet Time

We know how hard it can be to enjoy some peace and quiet in our small library. Consequently, twice a week we have Designated Quiet Time. During these blocks of time we do not schedule any events in the hopes of keeping the noise levels in the library down.


Old Growth Flooded Forests

Old-growth flooded forests, some with bald cypress trees 1,000 years old, still line select bayous and oxbow lakes in the Arkansas delta. The OXBOW research project intends to help focus conservation on priority old-growth flooded forest habitats left in Arkansas. Come join us for an interactive presentation covering this summer’s field work in the Cache River Watershed, particularly within Bayou DeView. Learn how we are discovering old-growth stands both from inside the swamp, then from the sky and space, using geographic information systems and a generous sense of adventure.