December 11, 2017
Rebels, Federals, and Bushwhackers

Three true stories based on extensive research of local Civil War history from eye-witness accounts.

Flames of Revenge – On a cold February day in 1862, the Union Army roared into Bentonville and chased the Confederates out of town. An unsolved murder ultimately caused the burning of the town of Bentonville.

 The Mystery of Walnut Springs– Bushwhackers were camped in the woods. Someone was cutting the telegraph wires time and time again.  In retaliation, the Union Army burned nearby houses until the neighbors could stand no more.

The Farm Colony Project– In the last year of the war, Union General Harrison had no more food to share with hundreds of refugees. The fields were empty and the bushwhackers were shooting those who tried to plant new crops. Harrison organized sites where local families could live and farm together in safety.