March 2015
No Categories Author Visit: Mike Mondl

Mike Mondl will be here to discuss his latest work Wounds So Deep.



“After serving as a rifle-toting GI in World War II, Timothy Jarrett thought he could make it as a police officer in the big city.  But two years later he had his fill of wearing a uniform and following the chain of command.  So he turned in his badge for a Private Investigator license.

Wounds So Deep is the first in a series of mysteries involving Timothy Jarrett, Private Eye.  The cases begin in May of 1951 and each month brings a new story.  Additional books in the Timothy Jarrett series provide a whole new adventure with a beginning and ending, however there are references to prior stories within the series.”



No Categories Strength In Self

This 6 week program is designed to develop skills and techniques to better cope with issues faced by those with chronic disease.  The Strength In Self program teams you up with peers facing similar issues to support and help you.

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